What is Sphirewall?

Sphirewall is an opensource linux based firewall/router built from scratch to meet the changing needs of networks. By capturing the packets at the kernel level, we can deliver complete visibility and control to the user and offer a richer featureset than other firewalls.

What will it give me?

In short, a whole lot!

User-based management

Sphirewall allows you to manage your network by user and role rather than just individual devices. Users can move between devices, bring their own devices and share machines without any need for configuration changes. Perfect for BYOD "bring your own device" networks.

Application layer filtering

Sphirewall is packed with filtering capabilities, including transparent http and https filtering capabilities without the need for a proxy server.

Analytics and Reporting

Sphirewall has been built with reporting in mind, we understand that you want to see what is happening on your network and understand what your users are doing. Out of the box we offer basic reporting facilities, and with the Cloud Management Service Edgewize, you can get full real time visibility on your network that is borderline creepy.

Simple and flexible management

Sphirewall comes with a very good looking web management interface, a less good looking command line tool and a socket api and python library. Choose your poison.

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If you have some ideas, feedback, contributions or just want to chat, drop by our forums or irc channel irc.freenode.net/#sphirewall

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